Due to very unfortunate turn out of events, unreconcilable differences, unsettled disputes, and just plain ignorance on Brain Compass's partners and affiliates, I have no recourse and I am forced to lock Brain Compass forever. I chose not to delete this rather just lock it for reference purposes in the event that any spider might crawl this into their engine.

I also am taking this opportunity to thank all of you who supported BC. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I started something like this last June 12 and I'm currently deciding if I'll post future posts here, there instead. I've been very busy hence late updates and that site I'm referring to is still showing the automated Hello World post. I'll let you all know when to make big switch.

Again, thank you everyone! That excludes my affliates here at BC who are the very reason why I'm locking this site. To you dumbasses, I say FUCK YOU ALL! GET THE HELL OFF MY FUCKING INTERFACE! It's called Brain Compass because you need a fuckin' BRAIN in the first place! UP YO ASSES MUTHAFUCKAS!