Ferrari is too hot to handle

Martin, 43, was at the wheel as the 599 GTB Fiorano burst into flames at traffic lights. Firefighters were quickly on the scene and doused the blaze – but the car was wrecked.

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I know havin' a Ferrari means hot women and very hot sex in a hot tub anywhere you want to. But sometimes fate rears it's ugly head to those damn lucky dudes in those hot cars. Me, envious? No way, besides not owning a Ferrari or a car or a damn bike which translates to no hot women, no hot sex or even a damn hot tub for me, nah, I'm not whining. Serves 'em right err me right.

Laser target alarm clock

A laser beam aimed at the exact center of the target is the only way to turn off the alarm sound in the morning. When the laser hits the target the alarm is turned off for 24 hours and goes off at the same time the next day. The alarm will always do this until manually de-activated or the alarm time changes.
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Now this is futuristic. But I'm not. I'm a traditionalist. And my tradition with alarm clocks is they either get hit by a pillow or by my Glock. I find the Glock more amusing because the pillow just can't destroy the fucking thing, with the Glock, I surely wake up from my slumber and blast the damn thing to smithereens. I'm still getting this clock not because of the laser but for my Glock.

Mad TV Heroes spoof is hilarious and I'm late

I know I'm late and this vid was posted months ago but better late than fucking never. I just have to post this. It's so funny and you know what else is funny? It's me being like the Hiro spoof in the first part of this vid. You see I finally got a chance to score with a hot chick and just like any loser I asked my friend who is a ladies man and he told me that I should take her out to some oyster bar. Oysters, just in case your an idiot not to know, are famous for being an aphrodisiac. But then after a couple of baked ones, I found myself locked inside the toilet for two grueling hours. And the hot chick, well, my friend who is a ladies man I told you earlier, got to score with her. Fuck him! I AM GONNA kill all of his kin and feed their remains to my dogs.

Thanks to riain who I still own a skyliner, still.

GTA IV hauls four Guiness records

Grand Theft Auto IV was released on April 29, 2008 and has since gone on to break the following four records:

- Most expensive game ever developed ($100 million)
- Biggest entertainment release of all-time
- Highest grossing video game in 24 hours
- Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 Hours

Guitar hero IV details released, very promising

"Guitar Hero IV will follow closely in the footsteps of Rock Band, offering new instruments including a bass, microphone, and six-piece drumset that includes two cymbals. It is unknown whether or not the Guitar Hero IV instruments and Rock Band instruments will be cross-compatible.

Rock stars can step into the studio to create their own songs and share them with other players online courtesy of the newly minted Guitar Hero Tunes service, but these tracks will be devoid of vocals.

While no song titles were yet confirmed, Van Halen, The Eagles, Sublime, and Linkin Park will all be making appearances on the tracklist."
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Lug nut pill holder for smugglers

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This is not for your grandpa who is already having a hard time battling Parkinson's. This is for all the smugglers out there. They mix coke bags with coffee beans right? Now how do you smuggle in ecstasy? This is perfect, you see, it costs 10 dollars for a lug nut pill case, yeah that's a lot for a pill holder but then again what little price to pay to have your shit glide through customs without a hitch. Send yourself at least 100 crates of these packed with tablets and declare it as, well, what else? lug nuts and you can start your very own Amsterdam. They'll never guess. And did I mention that it's water-proof? Perfect eh?

Woman who can't forget is depressed

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"Jill Price, 42, can remember every part of her life since she was 14 but considers her ability a curse as she cannot switch off.

Every detail about every day since 1980 - what time she got up, who she met, what she did, even what she ate - is locked in her brain and can be released to come flooding back by common triggers like songs, smells or place names.

Her condition is so rare that scientists had to coin a term for her condition - hyperthymestic syndrome from the Greek thymesis, for remembering, and hyper, meaning well above normal."

Why is it that there is always someone with extraordinary abilities who hate their ability? Come on, if I had powers like Hiro Nakamura, I'll surely abuse it to the maximum and get my self filthy rich. And if I had hyperthy...blah blah shit, I can surely find ways to get me compensated mucho dinero maximo. But then again when it comes to memory retention, all I can remember is that I was up late drinking last night like all other nights and I was very drunk, again like every other night. I have no idea who I slept with or where the fuck did I sleep. And why the hell did I woke up inside the maid's quarters with nothing on. Shit! I think I have an idea why their smiling at me a while ago and singing "teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini." Dammit! The secret's out.

10 useful gadgets for mobile computing

Carrying a portable mass storage device is a potential security risk. If it gets stolen or accidentally left somewhere, it can be accessed if it has no sort of encryption or locking device. Adding an extra layer of protection to your data is made easy with the STYSEN E08 RFID Security Mobile Disk. It works by locking your hard drive which you can then unlock using an RFID key.
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Portapack for pervs? NOT!

PORTA2030 deploys porta-pack, a mobile network unit that builds on a wifi harddrive (WL-HDD2.5) for multi-faceted transmission. Installed with a 1GB flashcard and programmed in open source codes, the porta-pack functions as a portable data sensing-storage-tranmission unit. A webcam streams images live while an LCD mini-terminal with 4 click action push buttons serves as basic communicative device. The urgency signals triggered by the sensors set in public space further commands porta-porters’ collective action.
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This got me worried, well after watching The Flock topbilling Richard Gere, this really got me worried. There's a scene in the movie where a sexual offender partnered with a hidden webcam was filming children playing at some park. Now this portapack might bring new ideas to those 'soul-be-damned forever' perverts. It's a good thing they colored this yellow because in the event that you see one guy sporting this around kids, you can very well give that guy a dozen smack on the face. And don't forget to bring him to your basement and use the balls-torture technique done on Daniel Craig in the movie Casino Royale. And if you're feeling sentimental, there's always room for a copycat of Kevin Spacey in the movie Seven. Kill those pervs!

Cannibal at Virginia

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Something is very wrong out there. You see those palm prints, why the hell is it colored red in the first place? I know, I know, this license place wasn't really intended to say that. But then again you've got to question it, why bloody red? Why palm prints? Why bloody red palm prints?!

Cellphone for mind control

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The data showed that when the cell phone was transmitting, the power of a characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person's brain was boosted significantly. The increased alpha wave activity was greatest in brain tissue directly beneath to the cell phone, strengthening the case that the phone was responsible for the observed effect.

"The significance of the research," he explained, is that although the cell phone power is low, "electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency." He finds this fact especially remarkable when considering that everyone is surrounded by electromagnetic clutter radiating from all kinds of electronic devices in our modern world.
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So there you have it folks, that phone of yours can and will be controlling you in the future. Well mine is doing that already, my bills are packed with those 1-800-IAMHORNY or 1-800-HORNIERME numbers and they sure are doing a good job in controlling what I do and making me lose cash which is supposed to go for my children's college fund. Shit, the wife just walked in! GTG!

Geek scooter has too many features: awesome!

This scooter has a mouthful for specs, so here goes:
  • 30db Gain wireless antenna
  • Garmin GPS
  • Wireless access point
  • Stealth television and FM antenna/FM transmitter
  • High resolution webcam
  • 8" LCD touchscreen
  • System status monitor
  • Laser keyboard and bluetooth headset
  • CPU (check it out yourself)
So eat your hearts out, Superbikes and American Chopper. This is what you call pimp up my bike.

Test your ISP via Glasnost

Certain ISPs have been shown to rate limit or block BitTorrent traffic sent by their customers. While there are multiple reports of this on the web, only a few ISPs have admitted that they manipulate BitTorrent traffic. And, to date, it is hard for users without networking expertise to gain evidence about the behavior of their ISP.

This test suite creates a BitTorrent-like transfer between your machine and our server, and determines whether or not your ISP is limiting such traffic. This is a first step towards making traffic manipulation by ISPs more transparent to their customers.

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FPV 2400: realtime first person pilot video:

PilotViewFPV offers a breakthrough in the way you fly radio controlled aircraft. With this system you will be flying from the cockpit of your own model. The PilotViewFPV system was designed for use in radio controlled model aircraft, but that is only the beginning as far as possible uses. PilotViewFPV may be used in radio controlled cars and boats, and helium balloons and kites.
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Call yourself using phonemyphone

Acccording to phonemyphone, you can use this to find your cellphone when you misplaced it around the house and you have no other cellphone to call it with or you can escape boring meetings when you schedule it to call you and last, the definitely indefinite reason is you can also use this to end sucky dates early. Now that got me thinking, this app works when you go to their site and you choose to let it call you 'now' or you schedule it to call you at a later time and date. Now bear with me on this, how do you know that your date will suck in the first place? Because that's only reason that you'll schedule it to call you during the sucky date, right? Unless your date always sucks, well, then why go for another date in the first place? Well my date always sucks and I mean that in a totally different manner.

Director's cut of Satifaction: for men's eyes only

I just have to post this being a fan of Benny Benassi and all. Those girls with power tools really gives a new meaning to the phrase "push me" and "so I can get my satisfaction." But I'll never ever be around someone with a power saw. Remember Lorena? Duh! Lorena! This is one clip that you should never let your girlfriend see. The fetish thing could all be an act and you could very well be a victim of those tools. Damn it! Think of your girlfriend as a surgeon and these is the wish-list of her devices the minute she caught you cheating, and yes, even if your cheating with a fucking doll. *creeps*

Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 delayed

This phone comes with WiFI 802.11 b/g plus GPS. It also has touchscreen with motion sensor. I just have no idea if it's like the multi-touch screen of the iPhone. It uses Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and will be available by early 2008.

I know your drooling right now and just can't wait to get your hands on one. Save those saliva because, if my sources are right which they always are, the release of Sony X1 was pushed to February 2009. Maybe the iPhone will have the tactile feedback by then and will be sporting a 160GB storage.

Chemical compass created

One theory says that animals use magnetite minerals to somehow sense magnetic field direction. The other theory holds that birds might ‘see’ a magnetic field using their eyes. For this to be perceived, there would have to be some sort of chemical reaction of molecules in the eye (perhaps involving free radicals) that could be influenced by the direction of magnetic field lines.

But until now, there has been no evidence that such a reaction could be influenced by a field as weak as that produced by the Earth. Now, an international team lead by Christiane Timmel and Peter Hore at the University of Oxford has demonstrated that this is possible.

"We’ve established a proof-of-principle that this kind of chemistry can be used to detect fields as weak or weaker than that of the Earth, and that we can detect the direction of that field, which is crucial for a compass," says Hore.
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OK, you got me there, I just find it fitting to post an article with the word compass like an article with the word brain. This is after all brain compass.

Bats are louder than Van Halen

At close range—some four inches (ten centimeters) from the bat's mouth—bat cries exceeded 140 decibels (dB), which is a measurement of sound pressure.
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Now that a new study confirms how loud are bats, it makes me wonder how my beer-buddy's wife can be louder. You see, my friend and I have made this pact a long time ago about our beer-drinking habits. And that is no one leaves the other behind to drink by his lonesome. But I made a pact with the devil for a lifetime's supply of beer that I'll be drinking every night for the rest of my life, that is before the heart disease eventually stops me dead off my tracks err mug. Now the devil said I'll never die of heart disease, that is if I bring along my friends with me for the pact I made. So now you know it, I need my friend more than his wife needs him. Actually I'm in need of many friends because the gout and kidney disease are not included, the devil said.

Bio-diesel processor for your home

This type of Processor is called an appleseed processor. It uses an old (or new if you feel like dropping the money) water heater. The amount of fuel you can make will depend on the size tank you use.

Since awareness about global warming is reaching record heights like the rising temperatures, what better time than now to learn how to make your own bio-diesel. Here is one way how to. Now I'm thinking why not make a device that recycles crap? There's lots of crap lying around anyway. Take the beloved street where I grew up, those damn neighbors use the fucking road for their pet's crap. One day when I woke up from with a heavy hangover, I saw a neighbor of mine crap beside his crapping pet. Oh the lovely couple, he always kisses that dog of his, letting the dog lick his lips, face and sometimes his ass. Now I know that a dog licking his master's ass is not new for some but for a master letting the dog lick his face after he unnoticed his pet eat some of its own crap, well, that's crap.

Robotic alarm for my crosshair

This little wonderful wheeled alarm clock started as an engineering student's project. Having trouble waking up herself, Gauri Nanda developed Clocky to shriek annoyingly and effectively, waking you up. The fun doesn't end there, kiddies. It leaps off of your night stand, and drives around your room, making random turns and racing away from your grasp. Now you have to get out of bed and hunt the little bugger down to turn it off.
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I had my share of alarm clocks and it all goes where all of them goes-the trash can. But I found a new use for this innovative alarm clock. First I'll try placing tripwires all over my room well, wired to some C4 which by the way was supplied by some friend from the military, and we'll just see how this robotic clock can bounce around my room before blowing itself up. And if all else fails, I trust my AR-51 to do the trick that is if the beer cans scattered all over my room doesn't get to this clock first.