Dodge Viper ohhhh! I want one!

Autoblog came up with an article about the latest Viper release and boy, did those pics blew me away. I've been an immaculate fan of Ferrari's though I still can't afford one and I'm already in my effin 40's. I've been saving up for it since I was 21, I fuck you not! The damn problem is I can't save anything because I don't own anything, I get my booze money from begging and the only skill I possess is downing a beer can in a record 5 secs. I did try joining a damn beer-drinking contest at least thrice in this effin lifetime I live but the competition downed a can in a record 4.9 secs. That's .1 sec faster than me. Dammit! I thought I was fast.

Click the link for more pics of the FAST Viper.

Bob's full scale tumbler is fucking gorgeous

Bob Dullam is my no1 guy kicking out Quentin Tarantino who has been way up there for years now. If someone else could build a Tumbler from scratch and using only the internet for guides and howto's plus around 50-70K then his/her is most welcome to kick out Bob, but for now, Bob is the man!

I also have been using the internet as a guide for my once in a lifetime project and that is beer keg that doesn't leave my side. A beer keg that's always there 24/7. A beer keg that automatically fills me up when it senses that my alcohol levels is down by at least a hangover.

Since all I do is get drunk 24/7, I never really had time to finish the damn project, I aptly called, Project: Beer Keg Leech. And now I'm still in the process of looking for an empty beer keg, damn! All I have are empty beer cans. I think I'll rename it to Project Beer Can Leech.


Click the link for more images of the Batman Tumbler by the man, Bob Dullam.