Due to very unfortunate turn out of events, unreconcilable differences, unsettled disputes, and just plain ignorance on Brain Compass's partners and affiliates, I have no recourse and I am forced to lock Brain Compass forever. I chose not to delete this rather just lock it for reference purposes in the event that any spider might crawl this into their engine.

I also am taking this opportunity to thank all of you who supported BC. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I started something like this last June 12 and I'm currently deciding if I'll post future posts here, there instead. I've been very busy hence late updates and that site I'm referring to is still showing the automated Hello World post. I'll let you all know when to make big switch.

Again, thank you everyone! That excludes my affliates here at BC who are the very reason why I'm locking this site. To you dumbasses, I say FUCK YOU ALL! GET THE HELL OFF MY FUCKING INTERFACE! It's called Brain Compass because you need a fuckin' BRAIN in the first place! UP YO ASSES MUTHAFUCKAS!

Dodge Viper ohhhh! I want one!

Autoblog came up with an article about the latest Viper release and boy, did those pics blew me away. I've been an immaculate fan of Ferrari's though I still can't afford one and I'm already in my effin 40's. I've been saving up for it since I was 21, I fuck you not! The damn problem is I can't save anything because I don't own anything, I get my booze money from begging and the only skill I possess is downing a beer can in a record 5 secs. I did try joining a damn beer-drinking contest at least thrice in this effin lifetime I live but the competition downed a can in a record 4.9 secs. That's .1 sec faster than me. Dammit! I thought I was fast.

Click the link for more pics of the FAST Viper.

Bob's full scale tumbler is fucking gorgeous

Bob Dullam is my no1 guy kicking out Quentin Tarantino who has been way up there for years now. If someone else could build a Tumbler from scratch and using only the internet for guides and howto's plus around 50-70K then his/her is most welcome to kick out Bob, but for now, Bob is the man!

I also have been using the internet as a guide for my once in a lifetime project and that is beer keg that doesn't leave my side. A beer keg that's always there 24/7. A beer keg that automatically fills me up when it senses that my alcohol levels is down by at least a hangover.

Since all I do is get drunk 24/7, I never really had time to finish the damn project, I aptly called, Project: Beer Keg Leech. And now I'm still in the process of looking for an empty beer keg, damn! All I have are empty beer cans. I think I'll rename it to Project Beer Can Leech.


Click the link for more images of the Batman Tumbler by the man, Bob Dullam.

Clearblue easy fertility monitor for the unprepared

This fertility monitor actually tells when your chick is ovulating. I would recommend this for those having a hard time to conceive their first. No more manual calculations using that calendar. And I would definitely recommend this to this acquaintance of mine named Jaymen. Not for the purpose of conceiving his first, rather for the purpose of not conceiving another first.

Jaymen is what you may call a 'macho-estupido-numero-uno.' Why?

  1. Contraceptives abound for the nth decades ago and he just have no idea they existed in the first place. And he had fathered a record number of firsts in record time.
  2. He fucks any chick you serve him: the whore, the prostitute, the house-help, and the dude who lives a two-face life and at night morphs into a woman with skirts and all.
  3. He brags to everyone and anyone that he fucks everyone and anyone. Details included (the only detail he leaves out is his ass full of rashes, and, of course, the two-face life dude)
  4. He would readily fuck a 60 year old like he would readily fuck a 16 year old, except for the fact that he needs to booze to puke status the 16 year old, yet, still, would not fuck him.
  5. He brags that he gives monetary support to 18 year olds that he likes but would not fuck them until their 21.
  6. He accuses me that I fucked all of his 18 year olds and that he just wasted his hard-earned money fucking 60 years olds. And I deflowered his 18 year olds before he had a chance.
That damn, paranoid retard, WTH is the reason of his accusation? well, since I was accused then, I did fuck all of his 18's. Serves him right or me.

Now that has got to be the most record number of the word 'fuck' that appears in a post.

Fuck! It really is!

ViDtoMP3: videos to MP3 conversion tool

For those who are too lazy in doing the "oh so many" steps in video conversion, here's a dummy tool. VidtoMP3's 4 "oh so easy" steps will have you bloating that 1 terabyte HDD in no time.

And you what's also "oh so many?" The dudes that my ex fucks. And you know what's also "oh so easy?" Well, my ex that I used to fuck.

Openmoko's Neo FreeRunner is the WTG

FreeRunner is an open-source/linux based phone. It is just like what an open-source phone should be, that is, everything is open for you to tweak including the board. It supports GSM tri-band, WiFi (802.1 1b/g), BlueTooth and GPRS. Now I don't wanna sound like a fucking manual so for a full listing of the specs, click this instead. Other than that, I posted this because this phone is what all phones should be, open-source. Though the iPhone is, well, yeah, open-source in a sense after hacking it, but then you got the fucking warranty voided. Where's the fun in that? Hmmm, that makes it all fun, hack and crack the warranty.

DC™ 30 GPS dog tracking collar for the bitch

This rugged, all-weather collar has an integrated GPS transmitter and antenna that work with the Astro® 220 to ensure that your dog will never be lost again. Plus, it’s specially weighted so the antenna will always point to the sky for optimal signal.
[via Garmin.com]

If this can work with dogs, it sure can work with my girl. The effin problem with her is that whenever I call her, it takes at least three or four tries by me before she answers the call. And that's usually followed by heavy breathing or she talks as if there's a foot long cheese dog stuck in her mouth. Plus there's a dude in the background whose panting like a race horse after a race.

Now I don't wanna sound paranoid and all but I think she's having an affair. I always ask her who is that dude panting and she says that's its ambient noise, maybe from her boss. I tried tracking her using her cellphone, but it's inaccurate, I think. She works at the city and we live in the suburbs, but every query by me on her cellphone always tracks her, just a block away from our abode, located in the corner where that Enrique lives.