Brain drains power even in stand-by mode

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A new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA indicates that two thirds of the brain's energy budget is used to help neurons or nerve cells "fire'' or send signals. The remaining third, however, is used for what study co-author Wei Chen, a radiologist at the University of Minnesota Medical School, refers to as "housekeeping," or cell-health maintenance.
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It's not just this blog is called as such. It's because that now I know that it doesn't matter that you rest all day or bounce around all day that you recharge or deplete your body's energy. No matter how long I stay on that couch and hone my remote-pressing skills I still lose energy. So what's the better way to lose energy? Get out of the couch, get some beer then get back on the couch then get hold of that remote. It's the beer that makes all the difference in the world.

Florida moves to ban truck nutz

Senate lawmakers in Florida have voted to ban the fake bull testicles that dangle from the trailer hitches of many trucks and cars throughout the state.

Now this is what it looks like...

and it's available in 10 colors, you just let it hang at the rear fender of your truck and there you have it, you offend those behind you. If the proposal pushes through, you're fined $60 when you adorn your ride with this. Honestly, I find it hard to imagine why I'll let these balls hang from my rear, nothing replaces the good old finger when someone tailgates you and the "up your ass! asshole!"

USB memory watch

* Standard USB interface and USB extension cord included
* USB 2.0 (read 4MB/s and write 3MB/s)
* Sleek design, very lightweight (this is not a bulky watch)
* Plug and play, easy operation (appears as a USB mass storage device)
* LED indicator light shows device connectivity and data transfer
* Operating Systems: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher
* Shock proof and Anti-static
* Water resistant to 20 meters (let USB connector dry before using)
* Japanese movement with 3-year battery life
* Memory size: 2GB or 4GB
* Weight: 1.5 oz (43 grams)
* Dimensions: 1.5" width x .375" thick (watch face)

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HP mini-note 8.9" aluminum laptop

Product Features

* Full-function PC with utmost mobility and durable all-aluminum case
* Ultra-portable light-weight design: 2.6 lb (1.19 kg) and 1.05 in (27 mm) thin at front
* 8.9-inch diagonal 1280 x 768 WXGA scratch-resistant display
* 92% full-size QWERTY keyboard and touchpad
* 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN, HP Wireless Assistant
* 120 GB 5400 rpm hard drive
* Integrated VGA Webcam
* ExpressCard/54 slot
* Secure Digital slot for HCSD and MMC media cards
* 1GB of installed RAM, Upgradeable up to 2GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM


* Dimensions (HxWxD) - 1.05 inches thick (at front) x 10.04 inches x 6.5 inches
* Weight- 2.6 lb
* Processor - VIA C7®-M ULV Processor (1.2 GHz, 128 KB L2 cache)
* Operating System - SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
* System Memory - 1024 MB 667-MHz DDR2 (1 DIMM) Supports up to 2048 MB maximum (1 DIMM slot is free to increase the memory)
* Hard Drive - 120-GB 5400 rpm (Hard drives are customer removable and will withstand multiple insertion/removal cycles. Up to 10 GB is reserved for the system recovery software.)
* Display - 8.9-inch diagonal 1280 x 768 WXGA scratch-resistant display, Integrated VGA Webcam
* Graphics - Via Chrome 9
* Audio - ADI High Definition CODEC, Stereo headphone/line out and microphone in, Integrated microphone
* Communications - Integrated Broadcom Gigabit Network Connection (10/100/1000 NIC)
* Integrated Wireless - Broadcom 802.11a/b/g
* Pointing Device - Touchpad with scroll zone and two soft-touch buttons
* Keyboard - Spill-resistant keyboard is 92% of full size, 101/102-key compatible with isolated inverted-T cursor control keys, both left and right control and alt keys, 12 function keys, and hotkey combinations for audio volume, power conservation, brightness, and other features. US and international key layouts are available.
* Battery - 3-cell (28 WHr) Lithium-Ion (Up to 2 hours 15 minutes usage time , standby time of up to 1 week) Optional 6-cell battery available from HP.
* Power - External 65W AC Adapter
* 1 Year Warranty
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Top 5 laziest inventions

  1. Clapper Plus
  2. Moo Mixer
  3. Twirling Spaghetti Fork
  4. The Nugget Cup
and the one that's number one on my list...

The motorized ice cream cone that does all the work for you, well you just stick out your tongue and your done. That is if you can't let go of that whore who gave you head a long time ago. You stick out your dong and she does all the licking. In this case your the prostitute minus the tiring hand jobs. What works on ice cream will definitely work on your thing, phew!

Rip DVD's minus a terabyte hard drive

bitRipper is FREE DVD to AVI software that allows you to back-up your DVD's as AVI files on the hard drive. It can be used for one-click ripping as good as for advanced modes. You are free to choose whether to use default configuration values or to set them manually. There are all necessary settings available:
  • Video and audio codecs configuration
  • Video resolution and aspect ratio
  • Sound track language and sound value normalization
  • Variety of actions to be performed after the copying process is completed
  • Includes 3rd party decryption module for CSS protected DVDs
bitRipper does not require gigabytes of space to copy all DVD content to the hard drive before converting to AVI. It converts video on-the-fly, copying data and writing it to AVI file at the same time.

UNO -MotorUnicycle is cool

Operation of the 54.4 kg (120 lb) machine is simple, in fact it's so simple there are no controls except for an on-off switch. To go forward you simply push your body weight forward to tilt the machine. To back up, just lean back on the seat to tilt it backwards and back it goes. The farther you lean, the faster it accelerates. The gyro tells the ECU how much to accelerate and that in turn delivers the proper amount of current to the electric motors, one for each wheel.
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Finally! Why did it took that long to have this rolling out on the streets? This would definitely make me one mean-looking, kick-ass, balance-maniac dude. But I think I'll pass on the helmet. You see ever since I started riding bikes, I always make a pass on helmets and look where it got me- 28 crashes and over 41 inches of stitches. Don't be a fool, wrap your tool, I mean your head be not like me, well, a fool.

Cellphone booth is ridiculous

Nick Rodriguez had an epiphany and here it is-a portable cellphone booth. You've got to ask yourself, is this the way I would want people to see me use my iPhone? Not! Ask yourself again, does my breath really smell that bad? Because that is the only way I'm getting my hands err head on one of this. Could somebody please flush the toilet? Oops! My mistake! Where the hell is that toothbrush?