Suckah for the 2009 Ferrari California

Now the good thing about Ferrari's is you get laid no matter how uber-ugly you are, so long as your ride doesn't end up like this. As a matter of fact even if it ends up like that, the chicks still knows how much dough you still have and that's more than enough.

And the good thing about me not owning one is that I can look like this idiot or like this dumbass and have a ride like this and hang this behind me and you can kiss that kick-ass, chick magnet ride goodbye. Suckah!

Autopsy: no1 on my list in top 10 interactive sites

BC: Death/Autopsy has got to be my fave interactive website and I have WebUpon to thank by listing it in their top 10.
QUENTIN: This is my fave too. Know what? I'm gonna give my kid a go at this.
BC: Why is that?
QUENTIN: Start em young, and maybe he'll grow up to be successful like me with all the blood and gore in my movies.
BC: Now that's a novel idea.
QUENTIN: Novel? Nah! A navel idea! you see, next movie I make is all about navels. That's where the antagonist makes his move. The 12-inch butcher knife cut and lots and lots of blood. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!
BC: Now, where's the blood in this interactive site? I love it when you place the internal organs, one by one on the sink, but if it's interactive, where's the blood?
QUENTIN: You want blood? (pulls out 12-inch butcher's knife and cuts BC author by the navel) toldya it's a navel idea. And that's being interactive.

SMSD for dummies

Most iPhone users are familiar to SMS handling by Nokia and Sony handsets and I'm currently coding an application for the iPhone which incorporates all of the features of said handsets to an iPhone but the 'job' and the 'hunt' is taking its toll on my time so I guess it'll be delayed. So I'm always suggesting that they use SMSD instead for the time being.

And I've been receiving lots of queries on how to activate SMSD on the iPhone. Again, if you bother googling you'll see lots of how to's and not to's, save all that and the usual techy talk bull, most of the time iPhone owners will have a hard time to follow. There are terms like OpenSSH, setting permissions, BSD etc. Now you'll be thinking that you need a degree or something to make SMSD work, NOT! Just follow these remedies and you'll have SMSD working in a jiffy or if you're as lazy as Peter Pan in Xay's post, you can use WeTools instead.

Thanks to google, amrut, modmyifone, hackintosh and Ricky Reyes for my hair, David's Salon for my make-up and of course, Cebuana Lhuillier for my jewelry, I love you Lucky! nyahahahahaha!

I'm assuming that you've tried installing SMSD thru the INSTALLER application in your iPhone. And I'm betting that when you run SMSD it just crashes and reverts back to the springboard.

And I'm also assuming that BSD subsystem and OpenSSH is installed in your iPhone. Try checking if you have the said packages. If you jailbroke your iPhone yourself using Ziphone then you have those packages installed by default.

If not, then install the packages. Location: INSTALLER -> install -> system.

These are in order, meaning try the remedy #1 and if SMSD still crashes, try the next and so on and so, well you know the effin drill.

1. Uninstall SMSD, delete all text messages and conversations then hard restart your iPhone. Install SMSD again. Try.

2. If SMSD still crashes, download UiCTL. Location: Installer -> Install -> Utilities.

2.1 Restart your iPhone then run UiCTL.
Scroll down to "com.amrut.iphone.SMSD" if it's not yet in bold black font then you have to load it, tap it and choose "load -w" Try SMSD.

3. Still not working, Uninstall SMSD then hard restart your iPhone.
Go to INSTALLER -> sources. Tap "edit" then "add" this ""
Download SMSD from INSTALLER -> install -> iFon Norway.
Follow step 2.1 then try SMSD.

There you have it, three simple remedies to get your SMSD working. Now that wasn't hard eh? Feel free to PM me or post your questions at comments and I'll answer them as soon as I get back and when I say back it means when I'm not under the effin influence of a hangover which I always am because that's what I'm paid to do err, I pay to have. Donated a friggin' beer already?

iPhone broadcasts live video

After Flixwagon is installed on the phone, users can broadcast videos with one click to the flixwagon website. Videos can be watched live or saved for later. Also, videos can be embedded in blogs via our flixee widget or uploaded to the user's YouTube account. Users can also easily determine which of their contacts to share each video with.
[via Flixwagon]

Eye-Fi automatically uploads photos

All Eye-Fi Cards can automatically deliver your pictures to your computer. PC or Mac. It’s as simple as choosing a folder. The card will then wirelessly deliver your photos to that destination and even arrange them in neat, date-stamped folders.

Your photos can only be delivered to the computer and folder you’ve chosen, so you don’t have to worry about your photos going elsewhere, even if you’re in a different wireless network. And, if you’re a Mac user, you can choose to have your photos delivered directly into iPhoto for the best experience.

To receive photos in this mode, your computer must be turned on and running the Eye-Fi Manager software. It’s a fast and convenient way to upload your photos for later enhancing, publishing or archiving. No messing with cables or cradles.

[via Eye-Fi]

iPhone 3G coming in July

The second generation iPhone is coming in July this year. It now boasts of 3G, GPS, improved audio and a new headphone jack that is not recessed, meaning there's no more need for the dock when plugging the iPhone to external speakers. Other than that it still sports the same 2.0 MP camera.

Hmmm... a second gen iPhone for 3G and GPS? Lemme think about that. Wait, I'm holding my horses. If I use 3G to surf the net then I'll be paying. If I use WiFi that I steal from my idiot neighbors' router, I won't be paying for anything. The GPS I might consider. But then again if my neighbor who is a fucking idiot decides to buy a 3G iPhone, I'll steal his instead. It's the price he pay for stealing my wife. I had no idea that slouching in the couch and booze all day equates to the next door handy man guy banging your wife while you sleep, dead-drunk.

Goosh is simply better is an unofficial google shell created by Stephan Grothkopp. If your familiar to Unix or Linux, it behaves like running google from a shell. is pretty damn simple for a search engine one reason why it clicked, but goosh is as simple as it gets. And another thing that is simple is my perv's cousin's thinking.

Not 1 + 1 = 2, more of like 1 girl in bikinis + 1 girl in thongs = 24 hour orgy.

Now that's simple, at least for his imagination.

Thanks to Raffy who needs to visit me again with lots of cash not just the cash to buy the Nokia phone but a lot more for the effin beer! Raf, saraf! NEVAH BETAH!

iPhone jailbreak for dummies

There’s always the fear of modding the iPhone and ending up with a useless phone and there’s always a time when that fear happens. Say for example you have lots of free WiFi available and you just can’t get a hold of the urge of downloading all the apps and then you end up with an iPhone that just won’t restart. Now what? Replace the phone? Go to the nearest mall and have a so called 'expert' do the job. Or be like Mac (read: McGyver) tatatatatan tanantan tanantan tanananan nan nan (repeat 3x)

Gone are the days when you need to download at least five files and follow a guide that is not guiding you in the right direction (read: lots of techy talk bull.) I know there's already a guide out there. But, indulge me, this is as simple as opening a bottle of SanMig Light and also a try to pay back what I learned. Open source rules! right? So here goes...

What you will need:

Ziphone 2.5c for Mac Windows
USB cable
internet connection

1. Connect the iPhone to the PC using the cable.
2. Run iTunes.

3. If iPhone firmware is below 1.1.4 click update (for iPhones that are working fine) for iPhones that aren't restarting like the very first image in this post, click restore.

4. After the restore or update, the iPhone will restart restored to its original settings, meaning NOT activated. In the event that the iPhone has been unlocked previously, your phone will still be able to receive messages and calls but that is all it can do, for the time being, relax, light a smoke and read on.

NOTE: Update does not erase the phone book, photos, music, vids, etc. Restore however erases everything.

UPDATE: I am lighting my cigarette.

5. After the restore or update, eject the iPhone, close iTunes then reconnect the iPhone and restart iTunes. After iTunes detects the iPhone, run Ziphone.

NOTE: Make sure that both iTunes and Ziphone is running.

6. Click 'Do it all.' Don't panic if you see white text on your iPhone touchscreen, it's normal. The process takes less than 10 minutes and after your last puff on that Marlboro of yours, VOILA, you got yourself an activated, unlocked and jailbroken iPhone.

Stripper candle scent does not strip for me

Hotwicks came up with a zane idea and made scented candles that smells strippers. Now how the hell are strippers supposed to fuckin' smell? They say "just imagine the perfume counter at your local department store times a thousand... then add some glitter." Or maybe add a little of dried squids and a pinch of dried fish perhaps? Nah, that ain't no stripper smell. That, my friends is the smell of the thongs I mentioned in my previous post.

I got an idea for hotwicks, instead of the stripper scent or the urinal smell in their candles, why not make scented candles that stinks with the breath of Alven, well, you have no idea who he is, and now I'll give you a hint to know who he is. Ever smelled the breath of someone who hadn't eaten for days, you know, the hungry stomach smell? Yeah! that's it! That's him! Manufacture a scent like that and you could give Chemical Ali a run for his chemical arsenal.

Thanks to Dee from multiply whose reaction with this scented candle I'm gonna echo in this post "... Strippers! Seriously???? WTF?!"

Apps a must to jailbreak your iPhone

Lifehacker lists 13 apps which is worth jailbreaking your iPhone. I have all the apps listed but the iPhone Video Recorder was the real reason I jailbroke mine. The Video Recorder truly is worth it. It captures both video and audio and is fully customizable. I first tried ShowTime but without the donation, it only records up to four seconds of video minus customization. Though the iPhone Video Recorder lets you use it 30 times for 30 seconds only minus the registration key, well there's always a key lying around somewhere. It's like the thong of my ex, it lies anywhere, everywhere there's a dude with lots of wads of cash. I am not to be mistaken to be a dude with lots of dough, just a dude with X (read: xanthodont)