Call yourself using phonemyphone

Acccording to phonemyphone, you can use this to find your cellphone when you misplaced it around the house and you have no other cellphone to call it with or you can escape boring meetings when you schedule it to call you and last, the definitely indefinite reason is you can also use this to end sucky dates early. Now that got me thinking, this app works when you go to their site and you choose to let it call you 'now' or you schedule it to call you at a later time and date. Now bear with me on this, how do you know that your date will suck in the first place? Because that's only reason that you'll schedule it to call you during the sucky date, right? Unless your date always sucks, well, then why go for another date in the first place? Well my date always sucks and I mean that in a totally different manner.

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Anonymous said...

this sucks, it only works in the us