Mad TV Heroes spoof is hilarious and I'm late

I know I'm late and this vid was posted months ago but better late than fucking never. I just have to post this. It's so funny and you know what else is funny? It's me being like the Hiro spoof in the first part of this vid. You see I finally got a chance to score with a hot chick and just like any loser I asked my friend who is a ladies man and he told me that I should take her out to some oyster bar. Oysters, just in case your an idiot not to know, are famous for being an aphrodisiac. But then after a couple of baked ones, I found myself locked inside the toilet for two grueling hours. And the hot chick, well, my friend who is a ladies man I told you earlier, got to score with her. Fuck him! I AM GONNA kill all of his kin and feed their remains to my dogs.

Thanks to riain who I still own a skyliner, still.

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