Portapack for pervs? NOT!

PORTA2030 deploys porta-pack, a mobile network unit that builds on a wifi harddrive (WL-HDD2.5) for multi-faceted transmission. Installed with a 1GB flashcard and programmed in open source codes, the porta-pack functions as a portable data sensing-storage-tranmission unit. A webcam streams images live while an LCD mini-terminal with 4 click action push buttons serves as basic communicative device. The urgency signals triggered by the sensors set in public space further commands porta-porters’ collective action.
[via/readmore at richair]

This got me worried, well after watching The Flock topbilling Richard Gere, this really got me worried. There's a scene in the movie where a sexual offender partnered with a hidden webcam was filming children playing at some park. Now this portapack might bring new ideas to those 'soul-be-damned forever' perverts. It's a good thing they colored this yellow because in the event that you see one guy sporting this around kids, you can very well give that guy a dozen smack on the face. And don't forget to bring him to your basement and use the balls-torture technique done on Daniel Craig in the movie Casino Royale. And if you're feeling sentimental, there's always room for a copycat of Kevin Spacey in the movie Seven. Kill those pervs!

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