Autopsy: no1 on my list in top 10 interactive sites

BC: Death/Autopsy has got to be my fave interactive website and I have WebUpon to thank by listing it in their top 10.
QUENTIN: This is my fave too. Know what? I'm gonna give my kid a go at this.
BC: Why is that?
QUENTIN: Start em young, and maybe he'll grow up to be successful like me with all the blood and gore in my movies.
BC: Now that's a novel idea.
QUENTIN: Novel? Nah! A navel idea! you see, next movie I make is all about navels. That's where the antagonist makes his move. The 12-inch butcher knife cut and lots and lots of blood. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!
BC: Now, where's the blood in this interactive site? I love it when you place the internal organs, one by one on the sink, but if it's interactive, where's the blood?
QUENTIN: You want blood? (pulls out 12-inch butcher's knife and cuts BC author by the navel) toldya it's a navel idea. And that's being interactive.

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