iPhone 3G coming in July

The second generation iPhone is coming in July this year. It now boasts of 3G, GPS, improved audio and a new headphone jack that is not recessed, meaning there's no more need for the dock when plugging the iPhone to external speakers. Other than that it still sports the same 2.0 MP camera.

Hmmm... a second gen iPhone for 3G and GPS? Lemme think about that. Wait, I'm holding my horses. If I use 3G to surf the net then I'll be paying. If I use WiFi that I steal from my idiot neighbors' router, I won't be paying for anything. The GPS I might consider. But then again if my neighbor who is a fucking idiot decides to buy a 3G iPhone, I'll steal his instead. It's the price he pay for stealing my wife. I had no idea that slouching in the couch and booze all day equates to the next door handy man guy banging your wife while you sleep, dead-drunk.

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