Bats are louder than Van Halen

At close range—some four inches (ten centimeters) from the bat's mouth—bat cries exceeded 140 decibels (dB), which is a measurement of sound pressure.
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Now that a new study confirms how loud are bats, it makes me wonder how my beer-buddy's wife can be louder. You see, my friend and I have made this pact a long time ago about our beer-drinking habits. And that is no one leaves the other behind to drink by his lonesome. But I made a pact with the devil for a lifetime's supply of beer that I'll be drinking every night for the rest of my life, that is before the heart disease eventually stops me dead off my tracks err mug. Now the devil said I'll never die of heart disease, that is if I bring along my friends with me for the pact I made. So now you know it, I need my friend more than his wife needs him. Actually I'm in need of many friends because the gout and kidney disease are not included, the devil said.

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