Bio-diesel processor for your home

This type of Processor is called an appleseed processor. It uses an old (or new if you feel like dropping the money) water heater. The amount of fuel you can make will depend on the size tank you use.

Since awareness about global warming is reaching record heights like the rising temperatures, what better time than now to learn how to make your own bio-diesel. Here is one way how to. Now I'm thinking why not make a device that recycles crap? There's lots of crap lying around anyway. Take the beloved street where I grew up, those damn neighbors use the fucking road for their pet's crap. One day when I woke up from with a heavy hangover, I saw a neighbor of mine crap beside his crapping pet. Oh the lovely couple, he always kisses that dog of his, letting the dog lick his lips, face and sometimes his ass. Now I know that a dog licking his master's ass is not new for some but for a master letting the dog lick his face after he unnoticed his pet eat some of its own crap, well, that's crap.

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