Cellphone for mind control

[image via goodtailbadtail]
The data showed that when the cell phone was transmitting, the power of a characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person's brain was boosted significantly. The increased alpha wave activity was greatest in brain tissue directly beneath to the cell phone, strengthening the case that the phone was responsible for the observed effect.

"The significance of the research," he explained, is that although the cell phone power is low, "electromagnetic radiation can nevertheless have an effect on mental behavior when transmitting at the proper frequency." He finds this fact especially remarkable when considering that everyone is surrounded by electromagnetic clutter radiating from all kinds of electronic devices in our modern world.
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So there you have it folks, that phone of yours can and will be controlling you in the future. Well mine is doing that already, my bills are packed with those 1-800-IAMHORNY or 1-800-HORNIERME numbers and they sure are doing a good job in controlling what I do and making me lose cash which is supposed to go for my children's college fund. Shit, the wife just walked in! GTG!

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