Stripper candle scent does not strip for me

Hotwicks came up with a zane idea and made scented candles that smells strippers. Now how the hell are strippers supposed to fuckin' smell? They say "just imagine the perfume counter at your local department store times a thousand... then add some glitter." Or maybe add a little of dried squids and a pinch of dried fish perhaps? Nah, that ain't no stripper smell. That, my friends is the smell of the thongs I mentioned in my previous post.

I got an idea for hotwicks, instead of the stripper scent or the urinal smell in their candles, why not make scented candles that stinks with the breath of Alven, well, you have no idea who he is, and now I'll give you a hint to know who he is. Ever smelled the breath of someone who hadn't eaten for days, you know, the hungry stomach smell? Yeah! that's it! That's him! Manufacture a scent like that and you could give Chemical Ali a run for his chemical arsenal.

Thanks to Dee from multiply whose reaction with this scented candle I'm gonna echo in this post "... Strippers! Seriously???? WTF?!"

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