Dodge Viper ohhhh! I want one!

Autoblog came up with an article about the latest Viper release and boy, did those pics blew me away. I've been an immaculate fan of Ferrari's though I still can't afford one and I'm already in my effin 40's. I've been saving up for it since I was 21, I fuck you not! The damn problem is I can't save anything because I don't own anything, I get my booze money from begging and the only skill I possess is downing a beer can in a record 5 secs. I did try joining a damn beer-drinking contest at least thrice in this effin lifetime I live but the competition downed a can in a record 4.9 secs. That's .1 sec faster than me. Dammit! I thought I was fast.

Click the link for more pics of the FAST Viper.

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