My fave of the weirdest accidents

DarkRoastedBlend came up with a list of weirdest accidents and this happens to be one of my fave.

Imagine watching the latest installment of Iron Man which happens to be on top of my list of comic-book heroes thanks to that Robert Downey starrer and then just when the ark reactor is about to blow..KABLAM!!! KABOOM!!! WAHPAK!!! WAGABAG!!! A truck makes it way inside the movie house. Surprises of surprises! Now that's suspension of disbelief, believably, of course.

But this has got to be my top fave.

I know there's nothing weird about it and it sure beats the hell out of me why it got listed in first place, but I still have to thank DRB for posting it. It's the chick man! Just look at her being so gorgeous in that white dress and those heels. I've always wanted my girl dressed like that. And if she can be that strong, imagine what I can or we can do with her strings, well off, that is. Now anybody out there who can hook me up with one? Damn! Me fucking rabbit-sense is tingling.

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